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Cristina Cochior (RO) is a researcher and designer working in the Netherlands. With an interest in automation practices, situated software and peer to machine knowledge production, her practice consists of artistic research investigations into the intimate bureaucracy of knowledge organisation and sharing systems.

infrapunctural bots, digital archives & libraries & databases & datasets, community software, networked publishing, data activism, collaborative design

MA Media Design and Communication - Piet Zwart Institute (2014-2016)
BA (Hons) Visual Communication - Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (2010-2013)

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/things that happen(ed)
* part of DiVersions v1. publication
* participated in Relearn Rotterdam and Relearn Paris 2019
* co-organised Algologs with Manetta Berends
* guest tutor at Experimental Publishing department of the Piet Zwart Institute (Jan-March 2018) with Manetta Berends
* co-organised Relearn 2017
* Bots of Conduct during Collective Conditions with Joana Chicau
* A dive into the Enron corpus
* Function Creep in the Wild with Ruben van de Ven
* Say it ain't so with Amy Pickles
* Broadcasting from Babylon: Dramatisation as data literacy with Ruben van de Ven
* Nobodies for bots with Genevieve Costello and André Fincato
* trust < in > formation @ Impakt 2018 with Manetta Berends
* Inter Planetary File System unearthed with Silvio Lorusso and Julie Boschat Thorez
* involved in DiVersions
* part of the collective publishing group behind Networks of One's Own 2
* digital archive for Rotterdam-based De Player's project Pushing Scores
* organised and made work for Data Workers with Algolit
* organised and made work for Algoliterary Encounters with Algolit
* In The Company of Bots
* Mediawiki work & semantic weaving on The Warp and Weft of Memory with Renée Turner
* plottingd.at/a with Ruben van de Ven
* Infrapunctural Bots (notes in progress)
* Calm Technology panel @ Impakt festival 2019
* The Social in the Media with Roel Roscam Abbing, Manetta Berends, Silvio Lorusso and Julie Boschat Thorez @ ODD, Bucharest
* Re-imagining AI conference @ Critical Media Lab
* Performing the data drive with Renée Turner @ Het Nieuwe Instituut
* Critical Bots @ Het Nieuwe Instituut
* Infrastructural Stress Relief @ Art Meets Radical Openness festival