Cristina Cochior

/graphic designer
Cristina Cochior (RO/NL) is a researcher and designer working in the Netherlands. With an interest in automation practices, disruption of the interface and peer to machine knowledge production, her practice consists of research investigations into technical and bureaucratic knowledge sharing systems.
MA Media Design and Communication - Piet Zwart Institute
BA (Hons) Visual Communication - Birmingham Institute of Art and Design


Since the 8th of June 1995, European patents have a lifespan of 20 years, after which they enter the public domain and are freely available for the general public. This is also the moment when the paradox of the patent expires: an idea that is available, but not accessible. It disappears from one database and reappears in another. Often the transition is seamless and unnoticeable. This installation recorded the passage of all the European patents that transitioned into the public domain during the two-day exhibition 'An Encyclopedia of Media Objects' at v2_ Rotterdam. The audience was invited to take the ideas with them once they re-entered free circulation.